Imagine Seeing This Out the Window of Your RV.

Been There, Done That. I would like to share it with you. 

Hello my name is Kymee. Welcome to my world about the many things to do in the great outdoors.

I created this site because of my passion for the outdoors. My love includes: Camping, hiking, fishing, and off-roading.

One way that I have enjoyed leaving home to visit these different recreations, has been in an RV, it is my home away from home, the comforts I enjoy from my home are all here. My own sheets, flannel if weather permits, and on those cold, cold nights I have my down comforter.

The dishes you use to eat or cook are already loaded. Those special foods, you can load them in minutes. Don’t forget to add your most comfortable throw in to this. This throw can be bought, or you may have one made with love by someone in the family. You see why it is a home away from home; the memories from home can keep you warm and cozy.

And if you enjoy those furry companions there is room for them also. Don’t forget their sheets, dishes, special food, favorite toys or their most comfortable beds.

    Come on in an sit a spell, let me share some of the places I have been.

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